The Girl Behind the Words.

Hey there! I am Elena Grace a college student pursuing God and writing about my journey with him.

First I want to introduce you to my best friend. His name is Jesus Christ. He has done so much for me and radically transformed every part I am. He is my solid rock through all the messy storms of my struggles. His never-ending, reckless love is overwhelming and is the best thing.  Since becoming transformed by Jesus I have developed a desire to share him and his transforming love with others.

I tends to let my mind wonder and take me high places, I  love to explore, read and write. I am deeply curious about places and people around me.  I love the Lord and his Word. I love to drink hot herbal teas. I explore and drink of hot tea along the way especially in fall and winter.  I enjoy the simple things in my life morning sunrises, evening sunsets, chasing waterfalls, hiking, the smell of old or new books, hot tea, calming rain, flowers, time with my family and friends, and rainbows.

The words written here are true. God is moving, breathing, and living through these words. Every single letter, syllable, every word written here is inspired by him. I rely on him to help me experience him as he gives me the words to write and as he takes me to high Places. I pray that these words shared here provoke deep thinking, encourage, inspire, and most importantly show you just how much God loves you.

No matter who you are, or who you think you are and where you have been in your relationship with God.  I pray that you know that Jesus loves you and you embrace him, trust in him, follow him, and that you will find his love and grace through these written words. I pray his loving presence radiate from this place to reach your hearts.


❤ Elena Grace

“He (God).. takes us to the high places of blessings in him. Long before he laid the earth’s foundation, had us in mind.. Long long ago he decided to adopt us into his family through Jesus Christ.. He wanted us to enter into the celebration of his lavish Gift-giving by the hand of his beloved son.” ~Ephesians One~The Message~

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